2015 Generac SG200

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At Generac, we have a single focus: Power. That dedication and expertise has made us the leader in gaseous-fueled standby generators, with the broadest line of standby solutions in the industry. From our smallest natural gas standby generator to the new 400 kW genset. All of our gaseous-fueled generators are made with the highest quality, most reliable materials, and feature state-of-the-art technical innovations to improve their performance and reliability. Paired with the innate reliability of natural gas, it’s the smartest choice you can make.

  • Alarms - ; Oil Pressure (Pre-programmable Low Pressure Shutdown); Coolant Temperature (Pre-programmed High Temp Shutdown); Coolant Level (Pre-programmed Low Level Shutdown); Low Fuel Pressure Alarm; Engine Speed (Pre-programmed Over speed Shutdown); Battery Voltage Warning; Alarms & warnings time and date stamped; Alarms & warnings for transient and steady state conditions; Snap shots of key operation parameters during alarms & warnings; Alarms and warnings spelled out (no alarm codes)
  • Alternator System - ; UL2200 GENprotect™; Class H insulation material; 2/3 Pitch; Skewed Stator; Permanent Magnet Excitation; Sealed Bearings; Amortisseur winding; Full load capacity alternator
  • Control Panel - ; Digital H Control Panel - Dual 4x20 Display; Programmable Crank Limiter; 7-Day Programmable Exerciser; Special Applications Programmable PLC; RS-232/485; All-Phase Sensing DVR; Full System Status; Utility Monitoring; Low Fuel Pressure Indication; 2-Wire Start Compatible; Power Output (kW); Power Factor; kW Hours, Total & Last Run; Real/Reactive/Apparent Power; All Phase AC Voltage; All Phase Currents; Oil Pressure; Coolant Temperature; Coolant Level; Engine Speed; Battery Voltage; Frequency; Date/Time Fault History (Event Log); Isochronous Governor Control; Waterproof/sealed Connectors; Audible Alarms and Shutdowns; Not in Auto (Flashing Light); Auto/Off/Manual Switch; E-Stop (Red Mushroom-Type); NFPA110 Level I and II (Programmable); Customizable Alarms, Warnings, and Events; Modbus protocol; Predictive Maintenance algorithm; Sealed Boards; Password parameter adjustment protection; Single point ground; 15 channel data logging; 0.2 msec high speed data logging; Alarm information automatically comes up on the display
  • Cooling System - ; Closed Coolant Recovery System; UV/Ozone resistant hoses; Factory-installed Radiator; Radiator drain extension; 50/50 Ethylene glycol antifreeze
  • Engine Electrical System - ; Battery charging alternator; Battery Cables; Battery Tray; Solenoid activated starter motor; Rubber-booted engine electrical connections
  • Fuel System - ; Primary and Secondary Fuel Shutoff; Flexible Fuel Line - NPT Connection
  • General - ; Oil Drain Extension; Air Cleaner; Fan Guard; Stainless Steel flexible exhaust connection; Critical Exhaust Silencer; Factory Filled Oil; Radiator duct adapter (open set only)
  • Generator - ; Internal Genset Vibration Isolation; Separation of circuits - high/low voltage; Separation of circuits - multiple breakers; Wrapped Exhaust Piping; Standard Factory Testing; 2 Year Limited Warranty (Standby rated Units); 1 Year Warranty (Prime rated units); Silencer mounted in the discharge hood (enclosed only)
  • Alternator Amp: Std
  • Air Induction System: Turbocharged/Aftercooled
  • Alternator: (Standard Model) 520 ; (Poles) 4 ; (Field Type) Revolving ; (Insulation Class - Rotor) H ; (Insulation Class - Stator) H ; (Total Harmonic Distortion) <5% ; (Telephone Interference Factor) <50 ; (Standard Excitation) Permanent Magnet ; (Bearings) Sealed Ball ; (Coupling) Direct, Flexible Disc ; (Prototype Short Circuit Test) Yes ; (Voltage Regulator Type) Full Digital ; (# of Sensed Phases) 3 ; (Steady State Regulation Accuracy) +/- 0.25%
  • Battery: (Size @ 0ºC) 1155 CCA ; (Group) 8D ; (Voltage) (2) 12VDC ; (Ground Polarity) Negative
  • Bore x Stroke: 135 x 165 mm / 5.31 x 6.50 in
  • Carburetor: Down Draft
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Connecting Rods: Carbon Steel
  • Coolant Heater: (Wattage) 2000 ; (Standard Voltage) 240V
  • Cooling System: Pressurized Closed Recovery
  • Crankcase: (Capacity) 34.3 L / 36.2 qts
  • Crankshaft: Ductile Iron
  • Cylinder Head: Cast Iron GT250, OHV
  • Cylinder Liners: Ductile Iron
  • Cylinders: 6
  • Displacement: 14.17 L (864.71 cu in)
  • Emission: (EPA Compliance) Stationary Emergency
  • Fan: (Type) Pusher ; (Speed - rpm) 1894 ; (Diameter) 762 mm / 30 in
  • Fuel Pressure: (Operating) 7" - 11" H2O
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Governor: Electronic ; (Steady State Frequency Regulation) +/- 0.25%
  • Ignition: Altronic CD1
  • Lifter: (Type) Solid
  • Main Bearings: 7
  • Make: Generac
  • Oil Filter: Full-flow cartridge
  • Oil Pump: Gear
  • Pistons: Aluminum
  • Standard: Secondary Fuel Regulator, Fuel Shut Off Solenoid (Dual)
  • Type: In-line
  • Valves: (Hardened Seats) Alloy Steel, High Temp
  • Valves: (Intake Material) Special Heat-Resistant Steel ; (Exhaust Material) Alloy Steel, High Temp
  • Voltage: (System) 24 VDC
  • Water Pump: (Flow) 94 gal/min (356 lpm)



14.17 L (864.71 cu in)

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