2015 Generac Protector QS 27kW


Protector QS 27kW



Automatic Backup Power For Large or Custom Homes

Looking to back up your entire home, or more items than usual? Consider the Protector gaseous automatic backup generator line. These units powers essential appliances and modern technologies during power outages, allowing homeowners and their families to continue living life comfortably and without interruption.

What Makes the Protector Series Such a Great Choice?

Generac's Protector Series offers benefits that competitors can’t match. Installation flexibility and cost reduction. Sophisticated, yet intuitive controls. Quiet operation. Supported by a 24/7/365 customer support team at our corporate headquarters, and a nationwide dealer network of more than 6,000 strong.

The best liquid cooled engine packs more power into a smaller footprint - ideal when space is a premium. The neutral styling, color and small footprint fits unobtrusively into landscaping. Clean burning, continuous fuel choice of natural gas to LP.

  • Alternator: Output Leads 1-Phase - 4 wire ; Output Leads 3-Phase - 6 wire
  • Bore x Stroke: (in/mm) 3.41/86.5 x 3.94/100
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Cooling System: Closed
  • Crankcase: (qt/l) 4/3.8
  • Cylinders: (Number of) 4
  • Displacement: (Liters) 2.4
  • Electrical System: Battery Charge Alternator - 12 Volt 30 Amp ; Static Battery Charger - 2 Amp ; Recommended Battery Group 26 525 CCA ; System Voltage - 12 Volts
  • Fan: Speed - (rpm) 1980 ; Diameter - (in/mm) 18.1/459.7 ; Mode - Pusher
  • Fuel Pressure: 5-14" water column/9-26 mm HG
  • Fuel Type: Natural gas, propane vapor
  • Governor: Electronic Isochronous, ± 0.25% Steady State Regulation
  • Intake System: Naturally Aspirated
  • Oil Filter: Full flow spin-on cartridge
  • Oil Pump: Gear
  • Type of Engine: Generac In-line
  • Voltage: Electronic Single Phase, ± 1% Regulation. Features Adjustable Voltage & Gain
  • Water Pump: Belt driven
  • Generac Transfer Switches. Long life and reliability are synonymous with GENERAC POWER SYSTEMS. One reason for this confidence is that the GENERAC product line includes its own transfer systems and controls for total system compatibility.
  • Innovative Design & Prototype Testing are key components of GENERAC’S success in “IMPROVING POWER BY DESIGN.” But it doesn’t stop there. Total commitment to component testing, reliability testing, environmental testing, destruction and life testing, plus testing to applicable CSA, NEMA, EGSA, and other standards, allows you to choose GENERAC POWER SYSTEMS with the confidence that these systems will provide superior performance.
  • Single Source Service Response from Generac’s extensive dealer network provides parts and service know-how for the entire unit, from the engine to the smallest electronic component.
  • Solid-State, Frequency Compensated Voltage Regulation. This state-of-the-art power maximizing regulation system is standard on all Generac models. It provides optimized FAST RESPONSE to changing load conditions and MAXIMUM MOTOR STARTING CAPABILITY by electronically torque-matching the surge loads to the engine. Digital voltage regulation at ±1%.
  • Test Criteria: Prototype Tested, Nema Mg1-22 Evaluation, System Torsional Tested, Motor Starting Ability
  • Bearings: Sealed Ball
General Information
  • Coupling: Flexible Disc
  • Generator: Synchronous
  • Rotor: Insulation Class - H



Engine Type
Generac In-line
(Liters) 2.4

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